Vitamins and Interactions abc

Vitamins are good for you, so it stands to reason that finding all the vitamins you can every day is the best strategy. As a broad rule, its correct that choosing foods rich in vitamins is a good idea. But there are times when more isnt better, even if it comes to supplements.

The very first thing to bear in mind is the fact that a few vitamins have toxic levels. Quite simply, there's a point of which eating more vitamins isn't only unhelpful, it could be dangerous.

Vitamin K helps the human body clot blood. Your bloods natural tendency to clot could keep you from bleeding to death, if you get a cut. But there are a few people who've blood that clots too readily, or who've health problems that require thinner blood. To learn additional info, please consider peeping at: A number of people with certain types of heart dilemmas may actually be on medication intended to thin the blood. Medical practioners could also recommend a blood thinner for someone planning for some forms of surgeries. If thinning the blood is your doctors target, having a Vitamin K supplement or eating foods that are specially rich in Vitamin K could be dangerous.

If youre taking an aspirin every day, the body may be experiencing a Vitamin C defi-ciency. Studies have indicated that Vitamin C is usually absorbed by blood cells, but this normal absorption action may be blocked by aspirin in the system.

If you need more iron in your human anatomy, you might want to consider increasing the total amount of Vitamin C in your daily intake of food. If you have an opinion about law, you will probably wish to study about This indicates that having enough Vitamin D in your system makes the human body more easily absorb iron, treating that anemia problem more easily than using iron alone.

If youre using antibiotics, especially over a long time period, your body may have trouble absorbing sufficient levels of Vitamin A. If youre taking drugs to reduce your cholesterol, you may also encounter Vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin E and Zinc work hand-in-hand. If the body has lower-than-normal quantities of Zinc, you may also have a E Vitamin deficiency, even if youre eating healthy. E and vitamins C also come together.

There are a number of other relationships that will occur between vitamins, or between other conditions and vitamins, minerals and drugs. Understand that it is possible to over-dose o-n some vitamins, and some can cause significant problems with medication, diet and current health problems. Its best to keep in touch with a healthcare professional prior to starting or alter your daily diet or vitamin intake.. If you know anything at all, you will likely desire to study about