Choose Your Collection Type

Choose Your Collection Type

Deciding on which collection to start should not be done overnight. Take time and do proper research before you start investing in a collection, especially if you are planning on completing the collection. You need to ensure that the action figures you want to collect in UK are available in your country and is still high in demand to ensure their availability for a long time to come. If you want to know more, click here.


UK action figure collections to start

It is important to be a great fan of your collection or you might lose interested. Be sure you love the characters enough to invest a lot of time in them.


Marvel legends

Avenger’s collection – This is currently the most popular collection with a combination of popular characters such as Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America.  

Hero collection – If you prefer to follow a certain hero then you can do so. A Spiderman collection can include characters such as Anti Venom, Spider-Man, Classic Spider Man, Spider Woman Warrior and Spider Girl.


FUNKO collection

The Funko brand is very cute version of heroes like Batman or the My Pony collection.


Movie collections

Start movie collections like Aliens, Game of Thrones, Gremlins, Doctor Who, Predator, Jurassic World or Breaking Bad and try to find all the characters of that movie.


DC Universe collection

You can collect DC heroes like the batman collection in different styles. Traditional action figures are scale types and Pop collections are shorter and cuter versions of these characters.  


Collecting action figures is a fun hobby to both adults and kids and can be a great gift to others, even if you are not into collecting.