The Hard Truth About ADHD Treatment

It is not surprising that the regular ADHD treatment recommended by doctors are drugs like Ritalin. As a caring parent, you should know that Ritalin is a stimulant that functions by suppressing symptoms (in other words, it does not repair the problem) and can have serious side effects. In this article, you'll discover much more about these side-effects and the crucial reason you ought to consider natural options for treating ADHD.

The Side Effects

There are many ADHD drugs, so make certain to read the package insert. By law, pharmaceutical companies must list all known side effects. Beneath is a listing of these for stimulants that are usually utilized to treat ADHD:

- Appetite Loss (this can stunt your child's development)
- Headaches
- Insomnia (once more, lack of sleep can stunt your child's growth)
- Seizures

When treating ADHD with drugs, ask yourself if just suppressing the symptoms is worth the risk to your child's health and nicely-becoming. As a parent, you're the only one who can answer this question.

When my good friend came to me for advice after her son had been diagnosed with ADHD, I recommended that we do some research. In this post, I'll share the insights we uncovered as we learned much more about healthcare ADHD treatment, its side effects and natural options.

One factor I learned correct from the begin is that when a part of the physique functions improperly, it can be a nutritional deficiency that is causing the dysfunction. It's important to note that while drugs mask deficiencies, they do not heal them, so in a real sense, they make the issue worse because they do nothing to heal the trigger.

To illustrate this point, allow me to give you an instance. Rickets is a disorder caused by a deficiency of vitamin C. If your child has rickets, taking vitamin C supplements will decrease symptoms and reverse the progression of the disease.

When you supplement your diet plan with the nutrients it is deficient in, you start healing the cause.

Nevertheless, this logic does not apply to drugs. When you're treating ADHD by giving your child doses of Ritalin, it is not simply because he is deficient in the drug. Human beings can only be deficient in substances that are all-natural.

Get the distinction? While drugs suppress symptoms, they do not heal the dysfunction that caused them.

b12 deficiency symptoms in kids

This level of thinking was what led me to homepathy. This natural medicine uses little doses of natural substances to suppress symptoms, without side effects or danger of addiction.

When you take a hard appear at this and weigh the pros and cons, it is plain to see that natural remedies are not only more effective than drugs, but also work over time to assistance the body's ability to heal itself-to restore balance and correct function.

What to Appear for in a Natural ADHD Treatment

When searching for a natural remedy for treating ADHD, make sure to do your research. Appear for ingredients that soothe restlessness, reduce disruptive behavior suppress frustration and create a sense of calm, stability and wellness.