Man reped by women?is it true?

Well, it could be true, but it would seem like to me he would have been too afraid of the outcome (death, robbery, injury, or abuse) to get "excited". He would have had to been forced to perform some form of foreplay beforehand and get "into" it - even if they were "hot" or "average-looking" or whatever. But the story could still be true. Who knows?

But a lot of people don't realize that there are women who actually do force themselves on men when on dates or alone at either person's house. I have never had anyone pull a gun on me or abuse me in anyway, but being aggressive by grabbing or holding my hands or wrists, pulling on me and my on my clothes, trying to touch and grope on me, or by trying to kiss even though I don't want to - It has happened it on more than a few occasions when I was making out with a girl or a girlfriend. It has happened to some of my relatives and other guy friends. But men normally just think of it as an aggressive girl or woman. Most of the time we boast about it to people we know when we talk about our romantic escapades.

And sometimes the girl will just keep asking you questions and trying to get you to get closer to her or to stay or to be more romantic. And don't forget that SOME will offer you drinks like beer or wine to loosen you up! lol. You think it's just a friendly gesture or good hospitality but then when you're tipsy, it's over. This is a trick that most people say are stereotypical of men (and a lot of them use it) so that one always makes me laugh because you know what she's up to. Every girl doesn't think like that just as every guy doesn't, but usually you can tell up front when she's trying to "get you in the mood".

Sometimes I wanted to "do it" but I didn't feel the time was right. I either was on my way to the club to hang-out with the fellas or I someone else was in the house (the parents, or friends, or relatives). Or, I really wasn't interested and wanted to go but didn't want to make it SEEM like I wasn't interested or like I was rejecting the girl.

But things like this most men and people in general don't consider as a "date rape" or inappropriate behavior because many guys would be flattered by the attention and aggressiveness. But sometimes it's not cool. Especially if it's a friend you're not interested in or girl you're not attracted to.

*** Just for the record***

Although these things have actually happened to me and other guys I've known, I do not in anyway equate this to or compare this with a woman who has been beaten or physically abused in a rape. I have known some women that this has happened to so I know it can be traumatizing and change them forever or even break their spirit.