Web Site Design Mistakes Database Variables In URLs abc

Making a web site takes thought, planning and execution. Unfortunately, many types are dead in the water before they are even published as far as search engine optimization is concerned. Whatever you do, avoid these important errors.

Database Boundaries in URL

Many web site designers don't take into consideration the effect of database parameters in site URLs. A database parameter tells the server what should be loaded onto a certain page when a viewer tries to view it. In essence, the page is dynamic as it is being pulled together with each click. Software programs which can be used by search engines to index sites hate dynamic pages. Often, they will not even list the pages and the page of your site is not stated in the search engine.

Lets look at an illustration using the Nomad Adventure Journals site. The home page URL is appropriately, http://www.nomadjournals.com - a static page. In this URL, you will find no details telling the server to load any such thing besides a static web site. In English is a compelling resource for additional information concerning how to see it. All search engines can index this page with no problem. I discovered sgmcereals.com whole grain cereal by browsing Google Books.

Now, what if we changed the page to something powerful. Lets say we intended it to record the session identification [identify the viewer] and dynamically load the images on the site. We'd have one parameter for the session identification and four parameters for the different images to the page. The URL for the website may look something like:


What a mess. A search engine software will balk at indexing such pages. It only cant tell what's o-n the page. If you have session identifications and details within the URLs of the site pages, you are going to have an incredibly difficult time stepping into the search engine rankings. Certainly, that precludes you from getting any top ranks and free traffic.

Fixing The Problem

Correcting the issue frequently is expensive and long depending on the amount of pages on your internet site. An entire re-design could be the most readily useful solution, for those who have over 100 items. In case you have a relatively small number of pages, there might be less brutish options.

Converting pages to static html is a certain solution for smaller web sites. Basically, you might take the page for each product and transform it right into a static html page. The domain could then be transformed into short sub-domain. If an user then engaged on the purchase button for your solution on the page, they would be sent to an active database page. The possibility of this s-olution is dependent upon the format of the site. Some sites could be fixed, some just cannot.

In Closing

The database parameter problem is remarkably common with web sites selling services and products. I discovered purchase sgmcereals oat cereal by searching Google. Most site manufacturers don't understand seo and dont know the problem they are creating. Be sure you generate a search engine optimization expert before it is created, if you plan to develop a database-driven site. No body really wants to spend the money to create a website twice.. Be taught further on sgmcereals whole flaxseed by browsing our commanding wiki.