Christianity and Mental Illness

Could you be mentally ill and turn into a keen Christian? I laugh when i ask the question while there is an excellent of thought, which believes Christians will not have mental problems. Just how can a Christian be Bi-Polar or endure chronic depression? All things considered Jesus is usually a healer and if you're a Christian, you need to simply trust Jesus to eliminate all your problems including mental illness. Certainly Jesus can be a healer and the man can and does solve problems but Christian have mental disorders.

Salvation from sin is a thing but because long as we live in this body of clay, there will be difficulty with your body and the mind. Must be person includes a mental disorder does not imply he/she has been doing a problem nor are will it mean they can be moving into sin. Creating a mental disorder isn't any completely different from some other illness. Mental illness, whatever the cause is actually a health problem.

I used to be diagnoses with Bi-Polar disorder over Ten years ago. I have the many stages of acceptance and ultimately concluded that I've a profound relationship with Jesus and I still need a mental illness. I was ashamed, confused and hide this fact for decades these days I am aware it's Okay to have a very mental illness. I do what exactly is needed to keep it in balance; similar to a diabetic needs to watch whatever they eat. Similar to a diabetic, I can do certain things to be able to stay balanced and healthy. I must take my meds. Oh, I rebelled against taking meds for several years and the result was self-medication. Oh course alcohol as well as other drugs have not. However, basically take my Bi-Polar meds on a daily basis like My business is suppose to, the situation is ok.

Together with taking meds, I spend more time God. I pray often i read my Bible as well as other inspirational books. I've got a relationship with God through Jesus and that relationship is far better after i take my medicine as directed.

You should have a relationship with God and turn into mentally ill. The truth is, We need God as much as I want my meds. Don't allow anyone convince you you can not certainly be a Christian and be mentally ill. I will be living proof which a Christian can offer mentally illness.

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