NexusCrowd Closes Second Commercial Real Estate Investment Offering; Secures $1M in Less Than Three Months

Hitesh Rathod"Since September, we raised $1 million for two private commercial property investments using our innovative investment platform. Rathod. their confidence is incredibly crucial even as still gain strong traction on this new along with expanding space."

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Marc Canale"We partnered with NexusCrowd because they are usually the leading commercial property crowdfunding platform in Canada. "Investors also appreciate that NexusCrowd has gone by means of significant regulatory scrutiny and it is licensed being an Exempt market Dealer. By Simply partnering with Downing Street Realty Partners around the project, the Canadian real-estate crowdfunding platform allowed accredited investors to signal up in the redevelopment of the portfolio of industrial properties in the greater Toronto area (GTA).

Marc Canale, partner at Downing Street, added:. Our aim from NexusCrowd would end up being to carry on fostering long-term partnerships along with effective institutional developers as well as private equity investors for you to ensure we're providing individual investors access to attractive as well as exclusive investment opportunities," added Mr. Effectively closing our 2nd offering signifies there is actually certainly strong investor appetite for commercial real-estate throughout Canada. We are incredibly pleased about how NexusCrowd executed this offer and look forward for you to partnering along with these once more inside the close to future."

Hitesh Rathod, CEO regarding NexusCrowd, stated:

On Wednesday, NexusCrowd Inc.