CEO Forum: Rosenfeld keeps Kraft from being too cheesy

Individuals have to consume, even in a economic downturn. So you may possibly believe that Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld has a cushy gig offering some of the world's most iconic packaged comfort food items.

Kraft KFT says that 99% of the nation's residences have at least 1 of its goods, which consist of Oreos, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Ritz crackers, Kool-Help, Maxwell Residence coffee, Oscar Mayer lunch meats and DiGiorno pizza.

But since 2006 -- when she landed the top job at Kraft following its spinoff from Altria Group (formerly Philip Morris) -- Rosenfeld, 55, has struggled to reinvigorate a giant that was losing industry share at a time of rising fees.

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