Autism Treatment Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Different Types Of Chambers by Dr. Kurt Woeller

Autism Treatment Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Different Types Of Chambers

by: Dr. Kurt Woeller

Lets discuss more one the topic of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Consideration of several things comes into play with respects to hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help increase blood flow in the brain which can then provide support for overall metabolism. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also effective at decreasing inflammation, particularly in the brain, and I have talked about these benefits in previous recordings. When you are able to increase blood flow to areas that had previously been restricted through hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you tend to see gains in that area. Weve seen hyperbaric oxygen therapy help in areas such as socialization, speech, eye contact even improving things like sleep and behavior.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be performed in different settings. One way to do hyperbaric oxygen therapy is in a clinic based setting, and most clinics use hard shell hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers. Hard chambers can have varying atmospheric depths that one can choose. Most hard chambers can range from 1 atmosphere up to 2 atmospheres and above. When treating most individuals with Autism, the usual hyperbaric oxygen therapy range is between 1.3 and 1.5 atmospheres.

A second option for hyperbaric oxygen therapy is using what is a called an inflatable chamber. Inflatable chambers can be rented or purchased for use in the home which can be very advantageous in treating individuals with Autism. The main difference is the atmospheric depths since inflatable chambers usually go as high as 1.3 atmospheres, some can go as high as 1.5 atmospheres but many stop at 1.3.

Another difference between a hard and inflatable hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber is the percent of oxygen used. In a hard chamber found in a clinic setting, for the most part you are getting 100% pure oxygen delivered to the chamber. But in an inflatable hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, the oxygen concentration is somewhere between 50% and 75%. Inflatable chambers use what is called an oxygen concentrator which filters out the nitrogen in room and delivers oxygen into the chamber through a tube. While this has a lower percentage of oxygen concentration, inflatable hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are still very effective for individuals with Autism.

I wanted to make you aware of the different forms of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. With a hard hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber you can go to higher pressures and receive more concentrated oxygen. And with an inflatable chamber you have lower pressure and less concentrated oxygen flow. Each form of hyperbaric oxygen therapy has its benefits and it is wise to understand both forms.