Surviving Snow Days as an Au Pair in America

Surviving Snow Days as an Au Pair in America

As an au pair in America, there are many activities you can do with the children on a regular day. However, when the children are stuck at home during the proverbial "Snow Day", how will you survive? Although your options may be limited, continue reading for a few of EurAupair’s top ways to get through snow days.

Warm Up with a Bake Off

One of the top ways to entertain the children on snow days is to warm up with an international bake off. Treat the children to some of your favorite childhood snacks, which give the opportunity to teach them about your heritage.

Build a Living Room Fort

Since children love ditching normal routines, it's a great idea to create a living room fort or an indoor campsite. Simply turn off the lights, grab a few sleeping bags, and sit around and swap stories. You can take it one step further and build forts by using blankets, sheets, and pillows!