Elements To Consider When Performing Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

If your outdoor pool is starting to show some wear and tear over the past few years, you might need to look at the options for rejuvenating its appearance.  Unsealed concrete eventually, as well as the pool tiles will start to weather due to the long term expose to the sun and elements.  The concrete tile or caulking will become discolored through this process of aging and can make the outdoor space look outdated or like it is not being properly taken care of.  With concrete pool deck resurfacing, the good news is you can upgrade the appearance without having to remove the old concrete with a large amount of work involved.  Essentially the concrete is reworked and refurbished to mimic natural stone, altering the design to something more modern.

When concrete matures the potential of cracks forming is increased significantly.  Gradually, the natural settling and shifting of the ground underneath the concrete can create large cracks that expand with rainfall and winter frost.  Traditional caulking methods to repair these imperfections often do not match the original caulk and draw attention to the crack, making it even more of an eyesore than it was before the repair.  Industry professionals can hide existing cracks by creating a custom design to cover and seal old defects by remaking the pool deck with a new sculpted concrete layer.

Concrete pool deck resurfacing can greatly increase property value and update your backyard with a surface that is both slip-resistant and safe from nature's elements.  By refinishing your present deck, you effectively cut the cost of excavation and reinstallation.  Because resurfacing specialists use the base layer of concrete that you already have, the task can be completed more quickly and efficiently compared to a full remodel.  Through innovative techniques, like concrete carving, skim coat overlaying and microtopping, experts can achieve a variety of textures and styles to fit existing or desired outdoor pool deck appearances.

To preserve and extend the life of the deck, modern overlay mediums normally feature a unique blend of cement, sand and weather resistant finishes.  Many contractors have their own preferred blend of resurfacing material unique to the project at hand and the customer's needed features.  Some contractors furthermore design their surface remakes to include slip-resistant materials that help keep your family safe from pool side injuries.  Using these innovative techniques and resurfacing components, experts can handcraft a design that will resist aging and fading while reducing long-term maintenance requirements.

In most cases the height along with the shape of the existing deck is maintained and the structural integrity is elevated when resurfacing is performed.  Experts feel by finishing the cement top patios or pools, future weathering and cracking can be prevented as this provides a better seal eliminating the chances of unsightly weeds and shifting.  While resurfacing mediums can be used to create a look similar to pavers, new concrete finishes resist the overgrowth and movement that is prevalent of caulked pavers or tile.  While they look similar, the layered concrete finishes combats invasive natural growth and stays sealed.

Be sure to find an expert to help plan and execute a personalized solution when looking at custom designed projects like pool deck resurfacing.  While stamped concrete plus overlay pavers may be easy to install, the effect of hand-finished resurfacing is usually worth the extra time and effort.  Get professional advice and assistance to seal and overhaul your cracked and weathered concrete surface with a personalized design, improving on the appearance and the homes property value.  This modified surface work will boost property value while adding elegance and longevity to your backyard space.

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