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Social Networking inside a Niche Area Launches Nationally

LACONIA, N.H. -- Find out your bug apply folks, there's the new spider within town! Exploding around the real estate investing scene, Black Widow Network is actually the very first of its kind to seamlessly combine the power of social networking using leading-edge World wide web technologies allowing their members to view, publish and send investment deals to their "webs" throughout minutes, certainly not days. Think it sounds like just another real estate site? Feel again.

So how can differ from traditional real estate listing sites? Nicely first along with foremost, deals posted in order to the network are not just like MLS listings. And Also would we mention realtor listings aren't allowed? This specific network can be for the sole benefit regarding property investors!

Kevin Skarritt, Chief Arachnid has a slightly different spin upon the creation with the site. Also, each each member can customize their own search options with their unique investing style. Matching deals are generally sent immediately to them so in which they need not wade through dozens, even hundreds, involving irrelevant listings. where do you suit in? Locate out at

"What makes special is actually our market niche", says Richard Dale-Mesaros, Chief Offer Weaver and also Managing Partner from Black Widow Network. it's all good."

The enormous membership with the Black Widow Network includes Investors, Difficult Funds Lenders, Contractors, Vendors, REIA Executives, and home Sellers. Deals on Black Widow Network only stay within the system with regard to 45 days. The explanation why not have a highly customized web site designed specifically for your requirements of a single industry? I think if we can create a system that allows your investor for you to network along with do deals faster than before, that they win, the owner wins, the market wins ... "We're really marketing as well as advertising to end up being able to the real estate investment community. We'd just like to determine this segment grow via supporting neighborhood Real-estate Investment Association (REIA) groups, encouraging ongoing education, along with supplying the very best networking opportunities available consequently folks can easily develop any killer enterprise throughout 2008 and beyond." .!-a0172582628

If you'd just like more information relating to always be able to this thrilling new social network in order to schedule a task interview with most the founders, please contact Julie Karaba from 888-825-3300 or e-mail Julie at [email protected]

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Copyright 2007, Gale Group. In case it will not move in 45 days, it wasn't an arrangement to begin with with. "We tend to be hearing a lot lately with regards to social networking, social media as well as social communication along with sites like MySpace as well as FaceBook