Longest - Lasting Nail Polish Brands

Jessica’s Geleration is a high sparkle, chip resistant, high-quality gel nail polish which lasts for up to 21 days. The application action is much the same as a normal manicure. Nails should be shaped and polish slightly to assure the base coat sticks to the natural nail. This has an enormous 114 shades available to choose from. Firstly a clear base coat is applied and then under an LED lamp places your hand for 30 seconds while the other hand is painted. Next the color is applied, followed by the same drying process under the LED lamp. Finally, a top coat seals the color in. Time taken to complete this process is less than 15min. Nails will be immediately dry and you don’t have to worry about chipping on the way home. Saturate cotton wool would be required for removing them at home in the Erase formula which is an acetone based liquid, and place it on the nail. Then enfold the nails in tin foil to keep the heat in.  This Geleration polish contains a high gleam to it and looked extravagant. Polish will stay on the nails up to 2 weeks. After this time, they will start to peel slightly in the corners and you could see the natural nail growing out. After removing the nail paint, it was great to see my natural nails weren’t damaged at all.

Professional and shiny appearance can be projected with the help of good manicure. When nail polish chips or peels, then women can be frustrated and to save women from this bitterness, a very popular polish company OPI offers its Gel Color line. OPI nail polish can create a beautiful, professional manicure when used correctly and it will last for weeks without chipping. OPI is one of the most liked nail polish brand available to consumers. It offers two types of gel nail polish which are OPI GelColor and OPI Axxium; they require different accessories and application procedures, also able to offer long-lasting color. When you go for shopping for purchasing OPI gel nail polish, consumers should ensure that the polish they buy is compatible with the curing light. The application process for any gel nail polish is similar to that of standard nail polish, but it requires certain products that should be compatible with the gel polish. Applying GelColor from OPI requires a special base coat, color, top coat, and curing light.

Another nail polish brand is Gelish which lasts for up to three weeks without chips or peels, polish comes in over 100 shades and every season new colors coming out, and so you’ll always have a color which you want. The removal procedure can be done at home and doesn’t damage your nails. The light used to cure this nail paint is LED, not UV, so you’re not getting any injurious radiation. The Basic Kit, which comes with everything you need for Cleanser and Remover so that your nails won’t be irritated. The reason the removal is so simple is that the remover contains keratin, so your nail is getting nourished as it soaks.

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