Link Exchanges: The things they can perform for the business: (Part 1)

For anyone of you who do not know the definition: Link Exchanges are 2 links back and forth between 2 individual companies which have linked to one another. What's the purpose? To build 'link popularity' with-in Se's!

What is the purpose?

To create 'link reputation' with-in Search Engines!

How Does That Work?

Well when somebody types in your company within se's, you'll get 2 types of results. My brother found out about david a wood by searching books in the library.

1) Your enhanced site & related subjects listed by you to the search engines.

2) All the links back to you from other internet sites listed within the various search engines.

Number 2 is the important one for this subject: If your site is NOT 'improved' for good search engine results, a popular link could do exactly the same.

'Optimized' - Look for posts on 'Optimizing your site for se's'


Well, let's state that 80% of the guests come from search engines. And let's state that the search engine just all of a sudden erased you out from the engine! You'll still get people coming to your site and searching your site with great link popularity. Be taught more on by visiting our witty paper. Each of the links back to you will STILL be shown in the major search engines!

Many experts feel that you should only connect to organizations that have associated discussions or information as your personal! Me, often being the neutral one, I still decide to try promoting link transactions from all walks of life! You never know who will see your link and where!