Although the bus drivers union Vice Silva

Although the bus drivers union Vice Silva said that only 20 percent of bus service canceled , but the strike was caused by paralysis of the Rio transit system , Where to buy fifa 16 coins many schools, companies had to leave, while the number of private cars also allow road congestion becomes unbearable .

Also in Rio , 7, released in Brazil on the 23-man squad to participate in the ceremony outside the Fifa World Cup in Brazil this year , about 50 Brazilian Federal Police conducted a peaceful protest , threatened that if they do not give up salary, they would go on strike during the World Cup .

According to the Rio City Tourism Bureau released figures estimated during the Fifa World Cup there will be 600,000 foreign tourists arrived in Brazil , of which about two-thirds will come to Rio . The city will be held including the final , including seven games. However, protests erupted continuously ,  Where to buy fifa 16 coins  so that the security situation in Rio is not optimistic.