Find A Skilled Stylist To Apply Your Eyelash Extensions

Given that they improve a woman's appearance in ways that mascara simply can't recreate, eyelash extensions are a total luxury. Unfortunately, the whole process of applying these extensions will be frustrating and time consuming. This is especially true for individuals trying to utilize this beauty feature on a daily basis. Although many women are likely to invest the energy into doing their own extensions every day, others simply would like to recreate the look but don’t have the know-how to do so.

The smart option for any lady who isn’t adept at the process of making her eyelashes appear longer and thicker is to find a trustworthy stylist to do the work instead. Finding the right stylist can be tricky. This is when you will want to check online review sites or to ask for recommendations from female friends to find a person that's reliable and knowledgeable with extensions.

If applying these were easy, it wouldn’t require a stylist. However, people are just as likely to mess up the process as they are to get it right if they don’t know what they are doing. No one wants eyelashes that clump, are lumpy, or appear uneven. This may require that you pass on a more reasonably priced offer and put your money into someone that is more of a professional that will do a great job. Eyelashes are delicate and need to be carefully tended. A poor extension job could leave a person with damaged eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions are available in three different kinds to select from. Synthetic lashes are the most popular and are often the most recommended for women that are new to extensions. The other two types, silk and mink, are a luxury, but anyone with sensitive skin must be cautious, as allergic reactions are possible.

The style of the extensions are to blend in and appear like real lashes. They're applied with a semi-permanent glue substance that's created to not irritate the eye area or cause any damage to the natural eyelashes. There are many different sizes, so the person can choose to go with a shorter length or to go full force and add quite a bit of length to their lashes. Putting a new set on can take up to two hours, and the product has to be maintained every few weeks.

Women can expect to get their new lashes wet after 24 to 48 hours, because of the longevity of an eyelash extension product. Which means that the fake lashes can handle things like showers, swimming and hot water. But, because they can adversely affect the glue, try to avoid any type of oily cosmetics or facial products. Be wary of any mascara that might be difficult to remove, as this may cause women to tug at the lashes and damage them. Learning to sleep in a position that doesn’t cause you to press onto the lashes is also best to avoid damaging them or the real eyelashes beneath. As growth will cause them to shed eventually, plan to revisit the stylist every three to four weeks in order to fill the lashes.

For several women the confidence and appeal associated with having eyelash extensions is more than worth it, although application may be tricky and regular maintenance is highly recommended. Make sure you visit a stylist who comes highly recommended and who has experience with this product.

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