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Morgan's Gabriel Daoud has a cautious outlook on the group, noting structural headwinds and the potential for more distribution cuts to come. Atlas Resource Partners (NYSE:ARP), Breitburn Energy Partners (NASDAQ:BBEP), EV Energy Partners (NASDAQ:EVEP), Linn Energy (NASDAQ:LINE) and Vanguard Natural Resources (NASDAQ:VNR) have significantly reduced distributions as the sub sector enters preservation mode amid ongoing volatility in commodity prices, and Daoud sees more distribution cuts ahead; he believes Legacy Reserves (NASDAQ:LGCY) will cut its 2015 distribution by 51%, and thinks BBEP and LINE will suspend payouts in 2016 and 2017, respectively, absent a significant rebound in commodity prices. However, the analyst sees little chance of ralph lauren outlet a distribution cut for Memorial Production Partners (NASDAQ:MEMP), given its strong hedge book and liquidity position, and he upgrades the stock to Overweight from Neutral with an $18 price target.

Ralph Lauren presented two collections Polo and Ralph Lauren Collection necessitating two beauty looks."The Polo line is younger and very natural," said Guido Palau, working with Redken at the show. He let hair dry naturally, made a "messy center part," then added Redken's Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender for texture. For Collection, he aimed for a more sophisticated look, he spritzed Redken's Satinwear into hair and blew it silky straight.

Michael Kors' runway show, which celebrated his 30th anniversary, featured a dazzling lineup of hits from seasons past. It was luxury at its finest; the plush fur, fluid jerseys and crystal embellished gowns in long lean lines in monochromatic tones had a languid, Studio 54 vibe. Torontonians will get a ralph lauren women apparel taste of the Kors collection when the designer opens a flagship store on Bloor St.

This undated image taken from the narcotic rewards program of the State department website on Wednesday Oct. 1, 2014, show alleged cartel capo Hector Beltran Leyva, offering up to 5 million dollars for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of Beltran Leyva. On Wednesday Oct.

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