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Microsoft Windows now ships having an integral free backup software which can be accessed by pressing,, and.

Many Unix systems come with a variety of backup computer software choices, including dd, cpio, tar, and dump.

If the free and basic backup software incorporated with your OS doesn't be practical, you might want to look at some of those more complete free backup software packages. This offensive Server Backup Software Receives Raving Review link has a myriad of compelling suggestions for the meaning behind it.

Free Copy Computer software for Microsoft Windows

Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup is really a multi-threaded plan that can be used to plan and backup your files and directories from their original place to other directories/drives in exactly the same computer or other computer in your network. FTP backup can also be supported in both directions (upload and down load).

Cobian Backup exists in two different versions: program and support. The program uses hardly any resources and may be running on the backdrop on one's body, checking your backup plan and doing your backups when necessary.

Cobian Backup is not an usual backup application: it only copies your files and folders in initial or compressed style to other destination, developing a security copy as a result. Therefore Cobian Backup may be better called a "Scheduler for security copies."

Cobian Backup supports several types of compression and strong security.

Freebyte Backup

Freebyte Backup is really a freeware backup program for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Freebyte Backup allows one to quickly copy (and filter) a great number of files and directories from various sources into one backup directory.

It is possible to copy all records found in the given group of input sites, or even to have only certain file types ripped. Documents could be filtered in accordance with file-extensions. E.g. you can specify that you want to copy all.doc,.rtf,.jpg,.bmp files, but none of the .dll,.exe and.txt files. You can very easily define new file extensions yourself to be included with the filter.

SyncBack Freeware

SyncBack Freeware is a program that can help you easily backup and synchronize your files to: the same drive; a different drive or medium (CDRW, CompactFlash, etc ); an server; a or a Zip archive. I discovered by searching the Washington Star.

Free Copy Pc software for Unix and Microsoft Windows


AMANDA, the Higher level Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver, is a backup system which allows the manager of a to set up a master backup server to back up multiple hosts to a huge capacity tape drive.

AMANDA uses native dump and/or GNU tar features and could back up a great number of workstations operating multiple versions of Unix. AMANDA may also use hosts to be backed up by SAMBA running Microsoft Windows.


Bacula is really a set of computer applications that permit you (or the device administrator) to manage backup, recovery, and verification of computer data across a of computers of different types.

In technical terms, Bacula is a system based copy system.

Bacula is fairly easy to utilize and productive, while offering many advanced storage management features which make it easy to find and recover lost or damaged files.


afbackup is just a client-server backup system letting several workstations to backup to a server (concurrently or serially).

Backups may be started slightly from the server or via cron jobs on the customers. Identify further about by going to our prodound essay.

afbackup has been tested on Linux, FreeBSD, AIX, IRIX, Digital Unix (OSF1), HP-UX and Solaris. This fresh paper has endless cogent lessons for the purpose of it. The afbackup consumer has additionally been examined on SunOS and OpenBSD..