1996 directory of frozen food equipment manufacturers & industrial suppliers.

Exhaustive efforts have been made to include every major equipmentsupplier to the frozen food industry in this annual directory. QFFI hasattempted to contact those known to be involved in the FF business whodid not reply to our questionnaire. Despite this, some of those who didnot respond may have been overlooked. We apologize for this and willrectify the situation in our next directory if notified.


A.B.B. ASEA BROWN BOVERI ARGENTINA S. A. Uruguay 4958 esq. Quesada, 1643 Beccar, Buenos Aires, Argentina Tel. 54 1 765 4104 Fax: 54 1 737 1567 Telex 2 6065 Arabbf

Refrigeration compressors, R717 chillers, freezing/chilling tunnels.