Information About Caring For Your Dog When You're On Vacation

Are you going on vacation and considering a place to board your dog while you're away? Friends or neighbors might be one choice, however if no one you know is available when you'll be going, you may want to consider other options. If you live in Lancaster, PA, you will be happy to know there are many qualified animal kennels from which to choose.

So what should you watch for while deciding on a kennel? You will need to make certain your pet will be safe in your absence. So make certain to check out the kennel beforehand and pay attention to the following:

Do Dogs Have their Shots?
It is vital to choose a facility that only boards pets that have received their shots.

Is the Place Clean?
Also, ask for a tour of the facility and review their cleaning policies. If you find bad smells or observe cleaning problems on your visit, find a different place.

Sleeping Quarters
Look for a facility which provides adequate heating, air conditioning and ventilation to keep your pet warm or cool in all types of weather. You'll also need to be certain that your dog has adequate escape from rain, a snow storm, high winds and the hot sun. Most kennels provide indoor accommodations with access to an outside run.

Walk Schedules
Ask about how frequently your dog will have time for walking. Your pet should be allowed exercise a minimum of twice each day, however the more walks and socialization your pet gets the happier they are likely to be. Ask about the exercise schedule and interaction with other dogs prior to settling on a kennel.

Feeding / Medicine
Find out the kennel's policy on feeding times and the type of dog food your pet will receive. If your pet is on a special diet or is usually picky, find out if you can provide the dog's regular meals while you are away. Also be certain to advise the kennel about any medications your dog is on and plan to have them administered if necessary while you will be away.

After you have found a good facility, you may also inquire about other extra services they provide. Dog day care services are offered as an additional add-on to regular stays at kennels.

Some kennels offer dog grooming in Lancaster, PA. You may arrange to have your pet's grooming done while you are away.

Finally, find out if you are able to buy pet products in Lancaster, PA right from the kennel or their affiliate. You will often receive superior products than you'll see at a big box store and save money too.