Get Your Permanent Residency Status

Get Your Permanent Residency Status

If you want to stay in UK for further studies or employment, then you must take your foot forward to apply for indefinite leave to remain.  It is also termed as permanent residency, which is nothing but the immigration status that grants permission to the immigrant to live in UK without any time restrictions as well as they are free to opt for any study or employment. Click here to know more.


Know the requirement for getting permanent residency status in UK


Getting the permanent residency status in UK is not easy. You have to fulfill various conditions for the same. Some of the conditions are listed below –


·         First and the foremost condition is that the person applying for the permanent status must not have any unspent convictions, neither in UK or overseas at the time of filing of the application.


·         Next requirement is to provide proof that the applicant is earning income at the time of application. It is to be noted that there are certain income levels which are to be matched by the applicant on the basis of their category.


·         In addition to this, there are various residential requirements as well. For example, the applicant must have resided in UK for last five years and must not have stayed outside UK for more than ninety days for the last twelve months etc.


Thus, if you are applying for the permanent residency in UK, then first acquaint yourself with the requirements of the same, in order to get it at the first instance.