The Prevention Of Hep C And Related Complications

Your liver is an integral component in removing waste from your system and allowing your system to absorb nutrients from the food you consume. When the liver is damaged, grave repercussions may result. A common reason for extensive dilapidation of the liver is liver disease.

What is liver disease you may want to know? liver disease that stems from infection by a virus.

How Can Someone Contract Hepatitis C ?

- The use of shared needles to inject illegal substances
- Using unsanitary equipment while applying a tattoo or piercings on the body
- Infection from infectious blood or equipment. This is most prevalent among medical professionals
- Receiving a blood transfusion before
- Sexual relations with many companions without utilizing condoms
- Past sexually transmitted diseases
- Individuals that are infected with HIV or AIDS

It should be noted that the spread of liver disease is not simple. Casual contact, kissing, a sneeze or cough, sharing eating utensils or breastfeeding cannot transmit the disease.

Warning Signs of Liver Disease

Many individuals which are carrying liver disease do not have any issues. Indeed the virus may be revealed 10-20 years after you have first been infected with the virus. However, many that do experience signs attributed to liver disease often believe they are suffering from the flu. These symptoms can be:

Extreme tiredness
Sore muscles
Joint pain
Poor appetite or nausea
Stomach pain
Skin irritation and itching
Dark-colored urine
Yellow skin or eyes

Diagnosing HEP C

When you have been diagnosed with liver disease, it's important not to panic. A variety of medications are available to retard the progression of HCV and even to eliminate it permanently. Be certain to discuss treatment choices with your doctor including 2 newer liver disease drugs that have emerged in the last few years.

Liver Disease Long-Term Effects

Sometimes, liver disease may turn into a prolonged condition that goes away by itself and then recurs at regular intervals. liver disease can lead to other complications including cirrhosis of the liver. hepatitis c treatment