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Statistical results on difference among investors in GF 109203X wind power, biopower, and hydropower subsectors.Factors (variables)Number of dataMean(SD)Column AKruskal–Wallis TestsColumn BMann–Whitney testsSignificant paired difference test resultsa,cWind powerBiopowerHydropowerChi-SquareSig.a,bCumulativeexperienceFirm\'s average size of investment (kW)8361994.28(3799.09)14431.95(46791.54)1147.14(6405.80)5.780.000B > W > HFirm\'s investment frequency8361.32(0.95)1.23(0.68)1.17(0.66)5.780.055Firm\'s management experience7911.94(2.65)1.03(0.172)1.31(1.062)34.470.000W > H > BIndustrialdiversificationFirm\'s industrial background(binary variable)8360.69(0.46)0.06(0.24)0.50(0.50)156.580.000W > H > BFirm\'s partnership status (binary variable)8360.30(0.46)0.69(0.46)0.29(0.45)62.810.000B > H, B > WFirm\'s generation portfolio mix8361.03(0.20)1.20(0.53)1.12(0.37)35.490.000H > W, B > WaAll the number are also significant with Monte Carlo method.b0.01 is flowers considered as critical value for level of significance.cAll the paired difference tests are significant at 0.016 level.Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV