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DC Military Technology Examiner

Ms. D.L. Quesinberry is the Founder and CEO of dpInk. Most often referred to as 'Q', Ms. Quesinberry served as a government court reporter; worked for Former Chairman Rostenkowski's personal attorney as a Jr. Lobbyist. Q has written for senior executives to the President of the United States, allies and others. She converted her career path to business, information technology and writing and is now a Level V-VI Writer under the SOC. As a corporate CEO support, Q developed acquisition, procurement & tender guru-ship due to an inherent intuitiveness, resulting in many awards for solutions she designed for Clients/Customers within the Department of Defense (DoD) and federal contract industry. Q has developed over 25,000 documents in 100+ subject areas for 200+ national and international clients, resulting in a solid comprehension of the military & technological trends featured in many procurement opportunities. Contact Q at: [email protected] A native of metropolitan Washington DC, Q currently resides in Carthage North Carolina.

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