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Laptop Quality Control Methods Improve Success Rate Of Repairs Specialist Laptop repairs are becoming more common place amongst "high Street Computer Repairers" however surveys and statistics show there is a rise in the number of "right offs". This is not only a detrimental blow to the laptop owner, but a huge blow to the confidence in the market in general to offer such sophisticated repairs to customers.

The Independent Computer repair market to say the least needs stability to offer their customers a valued service. If retailers can with a degree of certainty offer a reliable specialist motherboard repair service, for example with a success rate in excess of 75% then this will dramatically improve confidence in the Independent Computer repair retailer, as well as the public in general.

The key to success is to have a full end to end solution which not only offers a 75% success rate or better in terms of motherboard BGA re- balling process it also heavily relies upon the terms of warranty, the speed of turnaround and of course a fair price to match. Laptop BGA re-balling repairs tend to cost in the region of £60 - £90 depending on the quality http://prototypepcb.webukr.net/2015/11/27/hire-a-reliable-contract-manufacturing-firm-to-manufacture-varied-products/ of repair and warranty offered. To perfect the overall quality point of 75% or better success for BGA re-ball of Laptop repairs, quality control factors must be closely examined.

Introducing Quality Control procedures and systems which adopt and embrace such defined processes will constantly modify and evolve. The best procedures will allow for better documentation and practical assessment of constant and never ending improvement. This is a strategy which must be embraced.

One significant procedure is the creation of specific quality control documentation for each laptop ever repaired or assessed. The reason this is so important http://www.rebelmouse.com/core/dashboard/editor/post/12067706 is the capture of the definitive facts surrounding the specific laptop prior to a repair stage. Damage to the chassis for example including photos to show the damage are all highly relevant. Once the documentation is in place, it can be used for many purposes not least as a selling aid to the final customer who owns the laptop. Another vital part of the overal Laptop Repair process improvement is technological advantage. This means not only the equipment deployed is the best in class, but also the persons using it. All too often companies boast "latest technology etc" however what is so often overlooked is the true skill sets dedicated to the ongoing use of this equipment. Some engineers simply do not have genuine PCB (printed Circuit Board) understanding and an academic based degree in the subject. This is a the number one failure of businesses. They employ people to use such equipment to perform BGA re-balling or DC jack repairs / power management fault repairs on laptops with little or no previous experience. This is a disaster waiting to happen, but sadly this is the number one reason for such high failure rates in specialist laptop repairs across the country. We have seen rates of failure across the Uk and in particular in London as high as 80%. This is the reason for such lack of confidence by consumers and members of the public.The simple facts are these same repairs which are being deemed "unrepairable" could easily be repaired successfully if certain 'know how' technological advantages are adopted. The main reason Laptop Repairs fail, other than lack of skill deployed by the engineer is due to not solving the overheating issue within the laptop or using the best possible solder balls available. (genuine lead for exampe). Once again technological advances and understanding the design of the laptop being worked on can lead to successful repairs up to 85% or better just by knowing the right modifications to make.
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