Marriage Anniversary Greeting Quotes

Marriage Anniversary Greeting Quotes

The tradition of giving a gift to the spouses in each of their wedding anniversaries was established since the Middle Ages. Objects that were given each year were made with different materials, from the most fragile to the most robust as the years passed. Thus it symbolized, as gradually the relationship grew stronger and stronger.

Years of Marriage Anniversary Quotes and materials with which the gifts were made gave name to the various anniversaries as yet we know today

Something that the producers were already waiting (at the end of the is based on the unique bestseller able to make competition to '50 shades of Grey ' ), and maybe that's why the cast includes one of the golden boys of Hollywood, Ben Affleck , accompanied by Rosamund Pike , who received his first Oscar nomination for this role. 

The premise of the film from a couple who meticulously celebrated every anniversary since the first year of marriage. A common tradition across the world, although perhaps not with the same rules as those described in the book, which follows exactly the materials assigned to each year of celebration , starting with the most sensitive (paper) and ending the toughest (bone).

One of the most magnificent moments in the dreams of all couples who have decided to unite their lives is marriage. It is an unparalleled event that brings together and your closest friends to celebrate this great event in the life relatives. And year after year you must remember to love this special date when we celebrate the anniversary.