Fuming Ladies Through Facebook

When you're learning how to attract girls that are nines and tens, you have to do things a little bit differently. They have the psychology of hotness - all their lives people have been interested in them. They've seen and heard everything. The game is the same, but there are a few rules that are just a little bit different.

The obvious superstar on campus might seem to be the team's quarterback, but there are other heavy hitters as well. The guys in the top-tier of frats have much "status", while the dude who lives off-campus but throws wild house parties will have his own cachet with girls.

In fact, studies have shown that guys with girls are perceived to be much more attractive when they are with an attractive woman than when they are with a bunch of guys, or by themselves.

What men are attracted to the most is YOU. It's not the hot, little miniskirt you're wearing (although I'm sure he won't complain). It's the confidence you exude when you're truly in love with being a woman and expressing your femininity in a way that creates an irresistible force which draws people to you like a magnet.

Second on our list is the Stag's Head Pub located along Shepherd and Richmond in the old Sandman Shopping Center. This British-style pub is ideal for lazy Sunday afternoons out on the covered patio, or for gathering your closest buds for a dart tourney in the back. In the center of the establishment is an old bar that wraps around to showcase the multitude of beers on tap and if you visit their website they will list and describe every single one for you. Hold your corporate party or meeting in the private room provided off on the side or hold a birthday party with about 100 of your closest friends, there is plenty of mingling space!

The last tip is to wriggle your way into the company of handsome hunks. Since they would get noticed by hot girls, you too might just meet your girl as your chances will definitely increase with this move.

These are the three essential stages to attracting beautiful women. Each one is driven by one thing: confidence. The key is to show her you're confident with yourself, and confident that you can improve her life in some way, without bragging or making her uncomfortable.

So guys, don't sit at home feeling sorry for yourself this holiday season. The ladies swoon over guys that can take them out for a good time. If you want to find a girl to spend the holidays with, it's not too late. Paul did it and so can you!