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Now we are a loosely formed neighborhood group of six or seven people who despite the differences in gender, age, and life experiences have a common bond, our dogs. Like most technology there has been significant improvements over the past decade or two. Ideally, the collar should be rotated every few hours, to avoid rubbing from the contact points. Then it may have to be repeated over a period of days or weeks to get the animal to stop completely. The dog gets its name from that fact that its coat will take on a blue sheen once it is an adult. Owners of both breeds find that theyre loving dogs but the Pom can be known to aggressive toward children. If your dogs bad behavior has donne da scopare you at wits end, you may be considering using a shock collar. Its never too late to start doing this. The Basenji is an example of the few breeds of hypo allergenic dog that does not bark. Your dog might squirm, but hold him down, because it wont take long. To clean your dogs ears, check your local pet store for special solutions designed specifically for this purpose. A fixation is literally an addiction or obsession. An electronic training collar is not the same thing as a shock collar. And when youre done, hell have clean ears and be much less likely to get earaches or infections. Having a happy dog is a good sign that you are taking good care of them and that they are healthy.