Exactly What Makes Hot Women?

Well I'm here to tell you there is not a type of guy who all women go for. The same as there is not one type of girl that all guys like (Some guys like blonds other brunettes etc..), by the time you get to the end of this article you will have everything you need to attract hot beautiful women by setting free the confidence from within you.

In order to attract women better, you need to start a conversation well. The beginning of each conversation needs to be good, and if you start it off saying "You used to be friends with my ex girlfriend, right?", then that could lead you to no chances. To talk to them correctly, a simple question about them would be good enough to start a conversation. Try to avoid having some bad moments of silence, as that usually isn't good and will show the girl that you don't know how to talk to them. Just try to keep the conversation going as much as possible, as that will definitely help in keeping the girl interested.

The people here are laid back, natural and of course...the girls are hot! The guys here are hard workers, lawyers, business owners and college kids. Good times are always had by all, they welcome all newbies!

Tell her what you're into, your dreams, where you work, where you want to work, where you're from. There is so much to talk about when you first meet someone. Get excited to hear about her life, and make sure to tell her about yours. Just keep a balance between prying too much and being boring, and you'll easily move on to the fun part!

You see, most guys just don't know what to do, don't know what to say, say stupid things, fumble with their words when the opportunity to attract girls arise - the moment that can make you something "very special" to her.

We all tend to set limitations and obstacles up in our subconscious mind that hold us back from having the confidence and security to go forward and grab the things in life that we truly want and deserve. Because you think that hot girls will never give you a chance has already destroyed any possibility of that happening. So you have to change your mindset not only about yourself, but also about what you perceive are your limitations.

Many programs out there provide exercises that help you explore your inner thoughts and beliefs. They make you expose not just your strengths, but your weaknesses and areas you can improve on. By simply bringing these topics to the surface, you will become aware of any limiting beliefs that you may have about yourself or what you can accomplish.

Once you start practicing it in clubs, you will have several experiences to grow as a player. After facing many rejections, you become sort of prepared for hooking up a girl in a place like beach, college or market. It will be a good idea to get some conversation tips online before you start going to a club.

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