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How to Decorate Your office Without Spending Tons of Money
Once upon a time decorating one’s office was as simple as picking up the phone and calling a professional decorator. Some people are still able to hire decorators. For most people, though, hiring a decorator is a luxury they cannot afford. Think about it: how many people do you know who live in under decorated offices (or completely undecorated offices) because they simply cannot afford to purchase decorating items? The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can decorate without going over budget. If you would like to learn some of the ways you can decorate your office in your spare time without spending all of your hard earned cash, read on!
Thrift stores can be quite helpful. Saving money is the name of the game at thrift stores and second hand stores—especially for people with big projects like office decoration. Decorative items fill the shelves of these stores; you just have to know how to identify them. Most thrift store finds only need a little “tlc” and they can quickly become beautiful decorative items. With some time and effort even a ratty old sweatshirt can be repurposed into a decorative item! The best donated items can be found in bigger cities or wealthy neighborhoods. Choose new colors. The key to repainting your office is to choose neutral tones for most of the office and then to use bolder colors as accent pieces. When you use neutral colors for most of your house you make the job of choosing decorative items easier. Leaving most of the walls neutral but painting one of the shorter walls in a different shade is a good idea as well. When one wall is a different color than the rest in a room it is called an accent wall and it is something that decorators love to do. Making an accent wall can be done cheaply and in no time at all! If you decide later that you don’t like the color of your accent wall, changing it is quick and easy.
Stock photo websites and websites like Flickr are great for finding photos that you can print and use for decoration. Most of the artists who load their work into sites like Flickr do so with the hopes that it will be used by people like you who need affordable art so you can save the photos and and then print the ones you like the best. You could fill your office with beautiful photographs for little more than the cost of paper and ink. If you want to, you could do this with your own photos as well. Even a quick snapshot can be made to look like a professional photo with the right editing software. You can have a lot of fun and save yourself lots of money by editing your own photos. You can decorate your office without resorting to expensive decorative items. You are not required to dedicate a bunch of time to the task. Decorating should be an enjoyable experience. Enjoying a job well done is difficult if doing it in the first place is stressful, time consuming and expensive.
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