Why This Famous Millionaire Real Estate Broker Karate-Kicks Before a Big Meeting (and Thinks You Should, Too)

Fredrik Eklund gets more than a kick out of New York City. The Swedish multi-millionaire real estate broker and high-kicking star of the hit Bravo series Million Dollar Listing New York first visited the the Big Apple when he was 10. From inside the crown of the Statue of Liberty he stood in awe, gazing out at the sea of skyscrapers, shining like metal and glass exclamation points, punctuating the urban skyline. He was smitten.

I was mesmerized by the energy of the city, Eklund, now 38, recalls. Little did the energetic expert closer know hed grow up, all the way up to 6-foot-4-inches, to singlehandedly sell more than $5 billion dollars of luxury real estate in and around the high-ris