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Floor to dust and placed on the tongue, this crystal had been made use of as an end to indigestion. The most popular topaz gems is a giant specimen occur the Portuguese Crown. In ancient times, Sapphires were thought to be defensive against jealousy, and also against poisoning. In Asia, turquoise had been thought to be efficient protection resistant to the evil attention. Legends of Jewels, Quartz Mythology, urban myths about crystals and myths about jewelry; Some of those old myths and legends came down intact through the centuries. The ancients regarded star sapphires as a very effective talisman, a guiding star for travelers and seekers of types. One misconception (probably of Greek beginning) tells of a storm god putting a bolt of lightning during the rainbow that ended their storm. In the us south-west, the Apache thought that turquoise helped warriors and hunters to aim accurately. Jewish high priests considered diamonds to determine the purity or guilt for the accused: a stone held before a guilty individual ended up being likely to lifeless and darken, while whenever held before an innocent one to glow with an increase of brilliance The Romans wore diamonds because these were considered to possess wide magical capabilities over life s difficulties, having the ability particularly to give towards wearer strength, invincibility, bravery, and courage during fight. The custom keeps that Moses was presented with the ten commandments on pills of sapphire, making it more sacred gemstone. Many have linked the present for the pomegranate seeds using the incontri porno present of fine garnet gems. Apparently, Cleopatra dissolved an individual pearl in one cup of wine and drank it, in order to win a wager with Marc Anthony that she could digest the wealth of a whole country within one meal. In a particular instance of emerald s make use of, as a measure against ills, women using the stone had been considered to be resistant from epilepsy. A standard belief ended up being that a venomous snake positioned in a Sapphire vessel would rapidly perish! During black years, gallant knights frequently wore pearls on the battleground to protect them from damage. They have been fascinating examples of the efforts associated with the gents and ladies of old times to describe their globe with no advantage of technology along with each traditions biases, superstitions and interests impressed upon them and for that reason supply us with a particularly vivid picture of the therapy of old man. Surface to a powder, the blue stone was thought to cure colic, rheumatism and mental infection, and enhance eyesight. When held underneath the tongue, it had been believed to decrease the thirst in temperature. Following their advise, Roman emperor Nero wore emerald sunglasses to look at the gladiators. This misconception gave limited rise toward belief that garnet is a stone for loved ones whom travel and a crystal that will cure the broken bonds between fans. What gemstone could make heroes stronger? The blue color of turquoise was considered to have powerful metaphysical properties by many ancient countries.