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You can be part of something important. Researchers are seeking common Americans to be on the front lines of public health in the U.S.

Recently, a group of cancer experts in partnership with the Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups ( recognized 10 high-priority colorectal scientific studies that address crucial research opportunities and merit support for rapid completion. Combined, these 10 large studies will need to join more than 17,500 people. Seven new colorectal cancer treatments will be explored by trials and one is a big colo-rectal prevention test made to enroll healthier people.

Caregivers and patients considering taking part in these impor-tant studies will find information through A reference called QuickLink is built on this Site to help find out more about these major colorectal cancer clinical trials and to easily determine if you're entitled to registration.

"Clinical studies are not just a crucial source of information, they could be of great importance to the people who take part in them," said Robert L. Hit this URL needs to check up the meaning behind this enterprise. Comis, M.D., president of the Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups. "A common misperception that some individuals receive placebo has prevented some individuals from playing medical trials." Placebos (also referred to as "sugar pills") are never used rather than treatment and are seldom used in cancer clinical trials. Identify supplementary information on this affiliated encyclopedia by visiting remove frames. To get other interpretations, people can check out: Viki.

There are not quite 270 colorectal cancer studies currently available for individuals in the U.S., from over 4,500 cancer trials of all forms. Today, QuickLink gives information on 10 of the biggest colorectal trials currently available, in addition to links to individual support services.

TrialCheck provides a rapid and simple means for visitors to learn when they might be eligible to take part in these and other studies. Search results are displayed by proximity to the user's zip code, which makes it easy to find clinical trials close to home. TrialCheck is the most regularly updated searchable database of cancer clinical trials in the U.S.

Medical trial players stand to personally benefit as-well. Patients who join cancer clinical trials receive the best available treatment or even a new treatment that, according to early clinical data, could possibly be a marked improvement over the existing standard treatment. In-addition, there are lots of trials available for prevention, assessment and early diagnosis of colorectal cancer or precancerous polyps.

Participants in clinical trials are crucial in the fight against cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that you will have almost 150,000 new cases of colorectal cancer diagnosed in the U.S. in 2006. A lot of these individuals may be eligible to participate in these clinical trials included in their treatment, and are encouraged to speak to their doctor and find out more.

Cancer clinical trials are built to increase upon available therapies" while defending the rights and welfare of individuals..