How You Can Enjoy Long Trips Without Fretting Over Your Pet

Are you leaving to go on vacation and considering a place to board your pet while you're gone? Family and friends might be an option, however if there will not be anybody available when you'll be going, you may need to consider alternatives. If you call Lancaster, PA home, you'll be delighted to find many qualified pet kennels to choose from.

So what do you need to look for while considering boarding your dog in Lancaster? You will want to make sure your pet would be safe in your absence. So make certain to check out the kennel beforehand and look for these things:

Do Pets Have their Shots?
It is important to choose a kennel that only accepts dogs that have received the necessary shots.

Is the Place Clean?
Also, ask for a tour of the kennel and go over their cleaning policies. If you find offensive odors or observe cleanliness problems on your tour, find another facility.

Consider a kennel that provides proper heat, air conditioning and ventilation to ensure your pet's comfort in all kinds of weather. You'll also need to make sure that your dog has an escape to come in from inclement weather. Many kennels offer an indoor pen with an available outside area.

Walk Schedules
Find out how frequently your dog will go for walks. Your pet should be walked a minimum of 2 times each day, however the more exercise and interaction your dog gets the happier they will be. Find out about the exercise schedule and interaction with different dogs before you settle on a facility.

Feeding / Medicine
Find out the kennel's policy on feeding times and the brand of food your pet will be given. If your dog is on special food or is particularly picky, ask if you can arrange to provide their regular meals while you'll be gone. In addition be sure to tell the facility concerning any medicine your dog is on and arrange to have them administered if necessary while you will be gone.

After you have found a great facility, you might also find out about other extra services they offer. For example some facilities offer pet resort amenities as an add-on.

Many facilities provide dog grooming near Lancaster. You might want to schedule grooming while you are away.

Lastly, see if you can purchase pet products in Lancaster, PA right from the kennel or their supplier. You'll frequently get superior products than you'll see at a big box store and pay less as well.