Helpful Suggestions For Dog Boarding And Grooming

Will you be leaving to go on vacation and considering where you will board your pet when you leave? Family and friends may be one choice, however if no one you trust will be around when you'll be leaving, you may need to think about other options. If you live in Lancaster, you'll be delighted to know there are many qualified pet resorts near Lancaster from which to choose.

So what should you watch for when considering dog boarding in Lancaster, PA? You will need to make certain your dog would be safe in your absence. So be sure to evaluate the kennel beforehand and pay attention to these things:

Do Dogs Have their Shots?
It is important to choose a kennel that only boards pets that have gotten the necessary vaccinations.

Cleanliness Standards
Also, arrange to visit of the kennel and review cleanliness standards. If you notice offensive smells or see cleaning problems on your tour, find a different place.

Try to find a kennel which offers proper heating, cooling and ventilation to ensure your dog's comfort in all weather conditions. You'll also need to be sure that your dog has a place to get out of inclement weather. Most kennels offer indoor accommodations with an available outdoor run.

Adequate Exercise
Find out how often your dog will have time for walking. Dogs should be walked at least twice per day, but the more exercise and interaction your pet receives the more content they are likely to be. Ask about scheduled walks and socialization with different pets prior to settling on a place.

Feeding / Medicine
Ask about the facility's policies on pet feeding and the brand of food your pet will be given. If your pet is on special food or is particularly picky, ask if you can arrange to provide the dog's regular food during their stay. Also make certain to advise the facility about any medications your pet is taking and arrange to have those medications distributed if necessary when you are gone.

After you have found a great facility, you might also find out about other helpful things they offer. Pet resort amenities near Lancaster are offered as an additional add-on to regular stays at kennels.

Many facilities have dog groomers on staff. You may want to have your dog's grooming done while you are away.

Finally, see if you are able to buy pet supplies in Lancaster directly from your kennel or their affiliate. You will frequently get better quality than you will find at a local pet store and save money as well.