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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solid State Lighting Assembly Solid State Lighting systems use SSL sources, such as LEDs (light emitting diodes), and used to replace other lighting systems that use other lighting sources types such as fluorescent or incandescent lamps. The SSL sources offer benefits over the lamps, like the rapid cycling times, the rapid turn-on, low power consumption, narrow emitted lighting bandwidths, long life span that eliminates the requirement for color filters to provide produced colors, and so on. SSL systems sometimes include light emitting diodes (LEDs) soldered down to a PCB. The printed circuit board then is connected on a base of a lighting fixture. In known optical devices, Solid State Lighting Assembly, such as lenses, http://pcbonline.blogdoon.com/?post=10 cover the solid light sources to control the characteristics of light of the system, such as to direct the light in several patterns. The optical devices are connected to the printed circuit board or the base using glue, http://pcbonline.top-depart.com/japon/tokyo/articles/what-is-a-drobo-mini-153624.html heat staking or double-sided tape.

Solid State Lighting Assembly system presents many benefits over incandescent and fluorescent lighting technologies. A multitude of advantages both in terms of environmental savings and power savings are consolidated with SSL Assembly system. Solid State Lighting Assembly's consume less energy (up to Ninety Percent) than incandescent tubes. As a result, they can reduce power consumption by fifty percent. Solid State Lighting Assembly systems stay cool when in use on account of their low voltage. While incandescent light tubes only provide about one thousand hours of life, a Light Emitting Diodes can last over fifty thousand hours of life. It results in a reduction of waste materials and maintenance costs. The cycle of turning Solid State lighting on and off has no result on its life span.

Another benefit of Solid State Lighting Assembly is its counteraction to shock and vibration; it gives its better durability. Control over rapidity is also possible with a SSL Assembly whereas it isn't with bulbs or tubes based products. In contrast with CFL, Solid State Lighting Assembly's turn on immediately with no delay. SSL Assembly system also enables control over color.

These methods have some disadvantages. For instance, the double or glue sided tape is hard to apply and manage. Also, location accuracy of the optical system with respect to the light emitting diodes may be hard to achieve with double or glue sided tape. Even, over time, due to the elevated temperatures consolidated with operating the solid lighting system, the double, glue sided tape and the heat stake go to fail and the optical system loses position over the SSL source.

Such failure needs replacement or service of the lighting fixture. Issues may also boost when the optical system, the printed circuit board and/or lighting source needs to be replaced. Heat staking or double sided tape provides a replace ability problem, as removal of the optical components may destroy the optical system, the lighting source and/or the printed circuit board. Also, replacement may be challenging and may need a skilled person to perform the replacement and removal of the lighting source and/or the printed circuit board.
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