Why You Should Think About Having Safety Grates On Your Basement Windows

Considering remodeling your basement to add more living space to your home? Make sure to look into the local building codes in your municipality prior to beginning your remodel.

Many municipalities have compliance requirements when adding basement egress windows. These recent requirements were adopted to be sure that residents can count on a safe second exit, in the event of an emergency. Many older houses have extremely tiny egress windows that would not allow occupants to exit safely. Most were installed prior to the creation of the new codes. The good news is that homeowners that don't plan to make changes to their basements need not worry about the most recent building codes. But, homeowners who make significant changes to the lowest level of the house have a responsibility to adhere to the new codes.

There are several solutions to comply with the requirements and a licensed contractor should be able to help. The two best ways to resolve the issue are adding new egress window wells that widen the basement window or opening the basement to include an exterior entrance with stairs that lead directly to the lowest level from the outside.

Widening your current egress windows is often the best option, but if you need a different option that can conveniently fit large furniture, an exterior cellar opening could be a better option for your needs. Make sure to look at Bilco doors for quality steel basement doors that come in a variety of styles to match your house.

Finally, when you are considering adding wider window wells to your home, think about getting a cover for your window well to cover the regular steel grate already in place. Adding these clear covers is a great way to prevent excess water, leaves and yard waste from clogging your grates and ensures easier maintenance on your house. For more information on basement finishing services visit Better Basement Solutions.