Cord-Less Screwdriver For You To Think About: Makita BFR550

Having cordless power tools is just about the biggest modifications in power tool technology. A lot of power tools currently available are powered by battery. Makita has developed a very good auto feed screwdriver called the Makita BFR550. It includes features that, not only make it easy to use, but easy to carry around as well. The screwdriver is actually so compact and lightweight, you simply won't even realize that you are carrying it.

The Makita BFR550 is definitely a durable screwdriver, most likely because it is covered with a sturdy aluminum casing. It comes with a long lasting Li-ion 3.0AH battery, which has been matched against their Makita Ni-cd 2.0Ah battery, and been shown to have more lifetime work volume. A MAKSTAR Charger is sold with the screwdriver, and with the technology it is furnished with, allows it to regulate the current, voltage, and temperature of the battery, so it can automatically cool down the battery. The reason this happens to be so great, is the Makita BFR550 can be carried along without worrying about dead batteries.

With the lock button, you won't have to get an additional set of screws. The task can also progress much faster since it has a reverse switch. You are able to screw with great precision since the Makita BFR550 has an anti-tilt option that keeps the screws from swaying. The anti-tilt setting has a stopper that comes with seven different settings for each screw size.

The screws will be more accurate as a result of feeding line that it has, and this assures that you won't have a screw out of line or out-of-place. You just need to touch a button for the screw strips to be detached easily. The quick shooting innovation of the Makita BFR550 permits very noiseless performance so you won't worry about disturbing the neighbors. In addition to being considerably less noisy than other electric screwdrivers, it is very safe to use, because of its easy grip handle.

When You Have To Have A Cordless Screwdriver You Might Consider The Makita BFR550 When you require a screwdriver to do certain tasks you have different reasons to make your choice. You might find yourself needing a cordless screwdriver and other occasions not. Makita BFR550: When You Have To Have A Cord-Free Screwdriver With the amount of brands on the market, you need to select one that is best for you. The easiest way to know, before buying, is usually to test out different models to see which one you liked. Makita BFR550: When You Have To Have A Cordless Screwdriver