47 Cool and Funny Name Suggestions for Your Cricket Team






The game of 'Cricket' is one such game that is played between 2 teams of 11 players each. It is played on an international level and in various formats like test matches, one-day internationals, and the most recent addition being Twenty-twenty matches. It is, in fact, the second-most popular sport in the world as per fan base.

If you are a cricket enthusiast or an amateur, you can also play it in your local club by making your own team. If you have a good name for your team, it will add to the fun of playing the game. You need to choose a name that highlights the spirit and the strength of your team. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Cricket Team Name Ideas

Gladiators with the Bat

11 Musketeers

Pitch Smashers

Challengers on the Turf

Game Swingers

Agile 11

Thunderballs and Firebats

Trophy Fighters

Terrific Hitters

Cricketing Phantoms

League of Roadrunners

The Supernovas

Ferocious Fasties

Master Batters

Runners for Victory

The Go Getters

Boundary Aimers

The Jolly Cricketers

Wicket Snatchers

The Scoring Willows

Soaring Sixes

Ball Burners

Brokebat Mountain

Challenging All-Rounders

The Ducksters

Innings Stars

Wicked Wicket-Takers

Century Hitters

The Groundbreakers

The RecordSetters

County Cricket Team Name Ideas

The Delhi Bellies

Daredevil Londoners

Manchester Titans

Scorers of Wales

Scottish Champions

All-Women Cricket Team Name Ideas

Cricketing Divas

Fine Legs

Happening 11

Game for Runs

Vivacious Scorers

Ravishing Willows

Magicians with the Bat

Enchanting Stumpers

Queens of the Boundary

Girls with Willow-Power

Amazing Shots

Centurion Superwomen

So get your bunch together and decide the best name for your cricket team. After all, the opposition should get a good idea about your team just by hearing your awesome team name. Howzatt!