Open letter to real estate investors: Homerun Investments is hosting an international real estate investing seminar you don't want to miss.


I get had the chance to work along with Candice and your ex team and also I was instantly impressed. You could also learn much more online at

If you haven't had a possiblity to pay attention to Real-estate Radio, the present airs stay every Tuesday evening from 6:00 PM about AM 1060 CKMX in central as well as southern Alberta--and if you never live in Alberta, you can listen reside online at

I have got personally fulfill the people who're creating financial independence for by themselves are usually their own people by means of the particular Homerun Investment mentoring program--and I trust within the integrity and intelligence with the Homerun Investment team.

These details seminars are generally not actually a property sales pitch. Candice will be one of Canada's leading real-estate mentors and educators--and by means of her company, Homerun Investments, your woman functions to prepare the typical investor to consider advantage of possibilities throughout real estate.

If you're trying to end up being able to find a beautiful vacation resort plus a chance to understand concerning safe along with successful international property investing via experts inside the field, the White Sand Seminar may function as the perfect get-away with regard to you collectively with your family.

These free seminars will provide you by getting an chance to meet the Homerun Investments team and discover a small much more about his or her White Sand Seminar in a relaxed, pressure-free environment.

I invite you to contact Homerun Investments today along with confirm you attendance from one of their particular weekly, totally free information seminars. V.P., Western Standard

In supplement for you to her real-estate mentoring program, Candice and her team with Homerun Investments allow us the particular annual White Sand Seminar to aid each along with every investor discover the entire world associated with international real estate. This property seminar can be using place in the Sun Village Resort in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic throughout April 2007.

Call Homerun Investments today with 403-208-8260 as well as visit along with . These events will be a fantastic opportunity to discover out much more concerning the White Sand Seminar and the Homerun Investments mentoring program--and a chance to meet some great individuals deeply resolve for personal monetary success.

The purpose of these seminars--and the aim of your White Sand Seminar--is never to sell you some thing however to introduce you to the systems utilized by savvy real estate investors to produce cash in neighborhood and international property markets.

Candice is actually our resident on-air expert on Property Radio--and her company Homerun Investments tends in order to make our demonstrate achievable with its sponsorship.

Dear international real estate investor,

The Western standard is actually proud of our own relationship with Candice Graf as well as Homerun Investments.

Matthew Johnston -- Sr. That They tend to be passionate as well as knowledgeable about real estate, family-oriented inside their company procedures along with dedicated to developing a mentoring as well as educational program which includes empowered average people to safely and successfully purchase real estate.

And if you'd such as to find out a lot more about the White Sand Seminar, Homerun Investment is hosting normal information seminars at their Homerun Investment Centre inside Calgary