R.Hariharakumar RHS (R.Hariharakumar Scientist)

 R.Hariharakumar RHS (R.Hariharakumar Scientist)

I am the futuretist scientist of the future world.And I pray the noble scientist to lead me as the scientist in their way. By inventing new things in future Iwill help the poor's to live thier life happily.And I also tell the youth's to raise in their interest to lead our future India carefully.And youth's should also social service the world to protect us (the humans) from the harmful hazards & glaobal warming.

yeah you can do it raise up youth's

My detais

Aim- scientist in physics /astro phsics

School-Kathir vidyaa mandhir


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Team [email protected] &[email protected]

Favourite scientist-Albert Einstain

Class-7 th