Warren Buffett buys into Sears' vast real estate portfolio

-- Warren Buffett's organization now owns eight percent regarding Seritage, the actual property investment have confidence in Sears created.. This specific material might not necessarily be published, broadcast, rewritten, or even redistributed. Almost All rights Reserved. The Actual new stake would happen to be really worth regarding $70 million in Wednesday's closing price. Seritage shares jumped $5.14, or perhaps 14.6 percent, in order to $40.37 following the investment ended up being disclosed Thursday. In Which created dean graziosi real estate Berkshire's stake really worth nearly $80 million.


But the particular relatively little sized the actual investment -- by simply Berkshire standards -- suggests certainly one of the actual company's some other investments created your move.

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The documents Berkshire filed don't state whether or not Buffett produced careful analysis spend funds on Seritage.

Berkshire Hathaway said in a filing with just about all the Securities along with Exchange Commission Thursday that it owns two million shares of Seritage.