Emergency Water Storage Tanks

Water is essential for life. In fact, it’s more important that food for survival. One can survive many weeks without food, but only one week at the most without water.  So even though I am going into detail about water on message #4, don’t underestimate the importance of water storage in your food storage plan.Water storage includes physically storing water for long term as well as having filtering options should your water storage dry up. Rain-catching apparatus is also recommended, such as a rain barrel, if not for personal use, it could greatly benefit your garden. Therefore, I recommend immediate water storage in the form of purchasing bottled water or bottling your own as well as planning ahead with water filtration options (one portable for on-the-go and one larger stationary for at home) and rain-catching methods such as a rain barrel or two.You can start out simple by purchasing bottled water or bottling your own and obtaining a portable water filter. We purchased these water boxes from Emergency Essentials and added some chlorine bleach for the killing of bacteria. I highly recommend them, as they’re very easy to stack without the wasted space of bottles (due to them being square). We also have a portable water filter, which will be able to filter stream or lake water if we have the need. It’s also light and can be carried in our bug-out-bag should we have need diy water tanks to leave where we are.How Much Water Do You Need?It’s recommended to have at least 1-2 gallons per person per day stored – that’s at least 365 gallons for a year’s supply for one person. This water will be used for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. If you’ve ever had to go without water, even for a short time, you know how much water is typically used to brush teeth and rinse dry beans, not to mention take a bath. Yes, you can conserve, but it’s best to store on the extravagant side just in case.Our method of bottling our own water:At first we reused large soda bottles (don’t use milk cartons), but then we invested in water boxes from Emergency Essentials.  They are very sturdy and easy to pack without wasted space.  My husband filled them with the included hose and added about a teaspoon of chlorine bleach to each 5-gallon box to help keep bacteria at bay.Read more about these boxes and purchase. We also have a portable water filter with our bug-out-bag, the Katadyn Hiker.  It’s a fairly inexpensive option, but yet a wise one for extra peace of mind in an emergency situation.  Go with an even higher priced one if you can afford it.  We got this early on so we would have something portable for filtering stream or lake water, but we plan to purchase the Katadyn Pocket filter as finances allow.