By now you've no doubt heard about pH balance before now, but there are other things to consider as well.

3 Smart Gardening Tips You Can Use Today

If you want to be able to eat your very own veggies, here is a tip that will help them grow successfully in your garden. When it comes to fuller growth and maturation for veggie plants, make every effort to give them a lot of room. Experienced vegetable gardeners have discovered that rows that are about three feet wide give the plants ample room and best results. There are a few good reasons for this, including fuller foliage which can shade the soil that surrounds it. If that effect happens, there is going to be more moisture retention in the soil and that means that you won't have as many weeds to have to deal with. The soil is the most basic thing to work with in your garden, you need to know what condition it is in and what its characteristics are. Even though it's possible that new gardeners might not immediately start thinking about things like soil's pH, for example. All plants have very unique needs, particularly the basic flowering plants. If you do not already know what the soil pH is where you want to plant your garden, you should buy one of the basic testing kits and find out. Once you know exactly what you are dealing with, then you can take simple steps to adjust the pH in your gardens. Who knows, maybe that is why you just cannot get something in particular to grow no matter what you have done.

One quick note about staying healthy in regards to the sun and your skin protection when gardening. There has been much education and awareness about overexposure to the sun so this information probably isn't new to you. Sometimes however, we go out to the garden for just a moment and before we know it, we have spent hours out there. Getting caught up in the garden work is so easy to do that we forget to use good skin protection. Be aware that you need to be thinking of skin protection anytime you plan to work in your garden. You can use these gardening tips and feel good about what you are doing. In addition to working to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy, you'll be helping the area around you too.


Use Jonite Stone Reinforced Grating in your gardens

Drain Covers (Grates) For Your Garden

Dating as far back to ancient Rome, natural stone was utilized as drain covers.These Drain covers functions as 2 main purposes. First of all to rid of excess water and waste into the much larger sewage tunnel below the city. And second of all to work as an access cover for the upkeep crew.

Quick forward to the modern, the sewage system is still in usage under all cities around the world. Instead of the crude stone manhole covers the Romans utilized, now we have actually enhanced stone gratings that serve the thousand year old function of covering the inlets of our sewage system. Have a look at our range of channel grates (trench grates) Jonite grating info here.