Despite the win

fifa16 thinks it is a bit of luck to win the FIFA 16 game This morning, the Royal Society in beat Getafe 10, the first win on the road this season. But after the game. Real Sociedad coach David Moyes confirmed, Getafe home FIFA 16 game really deserves a penalty. Do you want to buy FIFA 16 coins Buy Fifa 16 Coins?


Maybe you can try .David  David Moyes told the media:"a little bit of luck to win the next FIFA 16 game, the referee should give a penalty for Getafe but we played better on the whole, deserved a victory."Scotland coach also praised goalkeeper Rouly The first half is by virtue of his various highlow block wit security gates without losing the Royal Society. "Rouly times in the first half and made key saves, we have two consecutive clean sheet and he's very good dry."


Moyes praised. Buy FIFA 16 coins on to save more time and money.Despite the win, David Moyes still think the team has a lot of room for improvement:"We do a very good first half, the goalkeeper had to repeatedly wrecker There are many opportunities in the second half we were not able to grasp the performance of the players were really good We also get a lot of chances and took the lead Fifa 16 Coins.