Shipping Container Houses are often repurposed to create buildings

Shipping Container Houses are often repurposed to create buildings, and this structure by Tel Aviv studio Potash Architects features one container balanced at a precarious angle (+ slideshow).

Named Shipping Container Terminal, the building provides offices and technical facilities at the Port of Ashdod – one of Israel's two main cargo ports, located about 40 kilometres south of Tel Aviv. It also houses an events space.

A young entrepreneur in San Francisco has created a new housing project, in attempt to circumvent skyrocketing rents in big US cities. He is now ready to share his ideas with others, he told RT.

Luke Iseman, 31, busy some barn space, and installed shipment containers to actualize 11 aboriginal residencies.

“We shouldn’t accept to reside in the average of boilerplate to allow to body our own house. We should be able to do that in the average of the a lot of big-ticket cities in the world,” Iseman said.

“We were annoyed of paying our rent, so for beneath than hire on two-bedrooms, we’re renting this accomplished half-acre, and [told] the landlord, ‘We’re just traveling to body baby Container House here, and you’re traveling to get an automated transaction of hire every month, so don’t anguish about it,” he said, answer how the activity started.