Ro 31-8220 In controlled atmosphere storage CAS and modified atmosphere packaging MAP

In controlled Ro 31-8220 storage (CAS) and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), the gas composition inside the store or package containing produce is altered, and often CO2 concentration is increased while O2 concentration is reduced. Researchers on the effects of applying CA/MA as postharvest on pomegranate fruit is limited. In their study on scald development in ‘Wonderful’ pomegranates, Defilippi et al. (2006) reported that storing fruit under CA effectively controlled the disorder, especially with atmospheres of 15 kPa CO2 which completely controlled development scald for up to 6 months at 7 °C storage. Investigating the effects of passive MAP on pomegranate arils (‘Acco’ and ‘Herskawitz’), Caleb et al. (2013) observed mass extinction headspace O2 concentration inside the packages decreased while the CO2 levels increased significantly during storage at different temperatures. To prevent excessive accumulation of CO2 inside the package, the authors proposed the use of polymeric films with higher permeability to CO2.