Review: Petit Novel series - Harvest December (3DS eShop)

01A novel working experience

The visible novel is without having a question the most market game genre in the West. Whilst some visual novels that mix more conventional sport things have found accomplishment Ace Legal professional and Zero Escape arrive to head the vast majority of visible novels are not considered for western audiences. CIRCLE Entertainment's eShop launch Petit Novel sequence - Harvest December is a rare mainstream, commercially localized visual novel that sticks faithfully to its Japanese roots. More information with reference to Sky3DS from .But though CIRCLE should be commended for attempting this project, Harvest December is most likely not the ideal introduction to visible novels for gameplay-minded western audiences.


Harvest December was split up into thirteen distinctive chapters that have been produced episodically in Japan, but CIRCLE has launched them all as a assortment. This tends to make for a quite lengthy go through, which most will not complete in 1 sitting down. Harvest December tells the tale of Masaki, a teenage boy who lives in Tagami, a smaller, modern day-day Japanese village. The 1st episode commences in December, and every single episode immediately after that handles the pursuing months.

While there are some facet tales, Harvest December is mainly Masaki's coming-of-age tale. Items start off on a wacky take note and only escalate from there, with the boy caught in a like triangle involving a sheltered woman from the town's wealthiest spouse and children and the area shrine goddess. If that appears to you like the setup for an anime, you wouldn't be much off. The vibrant, quirky figures that inhabit Tagami truly feel like archetypal anime characters, but like a excellent anime, they all sense human at coronary heart. And Harvest December's themes of acquiring love, dealing with reduction, generating adult choices and in the end expanding up are extremely relatable.


It's important. To find out more on the subject of the newest cracking technique with respect to Nintendo Console, try this .to notice that there is no genuine gameplay to be found in Harvest December. It truly is genuinely a novel with images on the prime display and text on the base. You can find no voice performing that would most likely demand hundreds of hours of recording but the tale is uncomplicated to abide by. The translation is primarily reliable CIRCLE has evidently taken great care in localizing this expansive tale, but there are some obvious typos and the viewpoint once in a while shifts awkwardly, with Masaki narrating in 1st-particular person until eventually, out of the blue, he's not.

The photos are generally static and commonly have a painted history with character portraits depending on who's speaking. It is disappointing that you will find not more variety this is a "visual" novel, right after all, nevertheless the artwork, though nice, commences to truly feel a minimal repetitive,. The text, meanwhile, is just white on a black monitor, and though it receives the occupation performed reading through a dim display doesn't make for the most interesting working experience. CIRCLE has also highlighted selected conditions that have no English equal, and touching these text with the stylus will bring up a clear definition.


Your enjoyment of Petit Novel series - Harvest December will count completely on what you happen to be hunting for. This is not an experience or puzzle game, and it can be obtained a quite hefty anime sense. If you have a really like of Japanese culture and reading, Petit Novel series - Harvest December helps make for a enjoyment novelty for your 3DS.