The situation of some bird species

The fate of the other species is getting worse:


Helmeted hornbill  birding binoculars

The southeast Asian species because of its feathers and hunters goals for its solid "ivory" helmet, used in the production of handicrafts and trading with China.Recent reports show that large-scale trading, prompting birdlife upgrade near threatened and endangered.


Swift's parrot  telescope prices

The introduction of a sugar glider, a small possum, swift parrot on the island of Tasmania in the field of reproduction has become a serious threat.Habitat loss in Tasmania, Australia and wintering range from endangered factor in the critically endangered status changes.


Chestnut - capped waves

Less than 250 people of songbird in some fragmented forests in the Colombian andes in the middle of the north.Ongoing forest degradation and clearance for the construction, agricultural, and commercial plantation to the species in the region is a profound and long-term impact on the environment.It is from the endangered to upgrade to the critically endangered.


Great curlew junction and the far east  bird watching scopes

Riparian species are facing great pressure loss of the intertidal stay habitat in east Asia in the yellow sea area.As much as 65% of the intertidal habitat in the yellow sea has been lost in the past 50 years, the remaining habitats are disappearing at a speed of more than 1% a year.Two endangered birds has been upgraded from easily.


The Bar - tailed godwit, red knot, curlew sandpiper

Near the state of these water birds from at least attention threat because of the development in the yellow sea, in other parts of the world.


European dove

Familiar summer tourists before western Eurasia and north Africa, the pigeon has fallen by more than 30% in the past 16 years.And its range of contraction strongly, especially in northern Europe.Decline is due to the change of the habitat, intensive agriculture, illegal killing, legal hunting, and even disease.From the least vulnerable status changed.


Horned grebe

The waterbird species from Alaska to the south, North Dakota, and in northern Europe and Asia.In North America, a large and important population decline caused its status change at least attention to vulnerable groups.Birds also declined recently in Europe, it's called the slavs waterfowl.


Atlantic puffins

This iconic seabirds are mainly concentrated in Europe and the world's population Numbers.However, reproductive failure key colony has been high in recent years;Fish resources may be the culprit.Big drop have been reported in Iceland, faroe islands, and Norway, 80% of the population of Europe.From a species of least concern has been upgraded to fragile.



Not all of the red list change all bad news for birds.Birdlife cut 23 to reduce the threat category, including:


The seychelles warbler

The songbird of the seychelles until present human interference is reduced to a single population 26 cousin of birds on the island in 1968.Strengthening energy conservation management, such as coconut plantation clearance, make warbler habitat regeneration, the other four seychelles and translocation, number increased to 2800 people.Environmentalists hope it rises to the capacity of about 7000 birds in the near future.Therefore, this species is from a nearby easily downlisted threat.


Audouin seagull

Protect the breeding grounds in North-East Spain ebro river delta has helped the species from 1000 in 1000 to return to more than 20000 pairs of today.It is from a nearby threat should pay close attention to improving the least.


Chatham haiyan

The seabirds breed in the remote Chatham islands, about 400 miles southeast of New Zealand.The introduction of the decline of cat and mouse reproductive islands and compete for nest site of common Broad - billed prions.A population of 600 in 1995-800 bird stood at a low.Since then, the installation of the flap cave, but ruled out prions, haiyan nest site visit and haiyan translocation of two islands, help population growth to about 1000 farm birds.From endangered species have downlisted fragile.