Soil temperature during disinfection treatmentsa in the Murcia greenhouse

Soil temperature during disinfection treatmentsa in the Murcia greenhouse experiments. Number of cumulative hours (h) in each temperature range. Data of all amendments are shown in year 2010 (treatment Pam3CSK4 28 July–10 September) and only of Brassica nigra amendment in year 2011 (treatment period 9 August–13 September).Amendment_plastic_depthah > 35 °Ch > 40 °Ch > 42.5 °Ch > 45 °Ch > 47.5 °Ch > 50 °CYear 2010Bn_P15 cm7733921641600Bn_P30 cm7311170000Bn_NP15 cm27600000Bn_NP30 cm18700000Bc_P15 cm7703711431700Bc_P30 cm723870000Bc_NP15 cm467470000Bc_NP30 cm29300000Sa_P15 cm9305453762378630Sa_P30 cm8842020000Sa_NP15 cm30400000Sa_NP30 cm20100000Non-am_P15 cm7764852417200Non-am_P30 cm75631460000Non-am_NP15 cm30700000Non-am_NP30 cm21500000Year 2011Bn_P15 cm93929539000Bn_P30 cm91740000Bn_NP15 cm16500000Bn_NP30 cm000000aBiofumigation and biosolarization treatments comprised a factorial structure of three crossed factors: amendment of Brassica green manure with four levels (Bc: Brassica carinata, Bn: Brassica nigra, Sa: Sinapis alba, non-am: non-amended control). Plastic tarping of soil with two levels (P: plastic-tarped soil with transparent polyethylene film 0.05 mm thick, NP: non-plastic). Depth of buried Phytophthora inoculum with two levels (15 cm, 30 cm).Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload 'Pam3CSK4' as CSV